I used to get an entertainment magazine in the mail every Friday afternoon when I was eleven years old. Me being the rabid pop culture fanatic that I am, I would literally read that magazine front to back, delving into each page to learn as much as I could about the media world and the stories behind it. However, I would always ravenously flip to the music review section first; I just loved learning about the albums I adored, and I thought it was fun to take the critics’ views into account and see how they lined up with my own. Yet as I got older, I realized that these critics always seemed to miss the little details in the music that I really loved — they had only listened to these albums a limited number of times, and in those few times they could not have possibly absorbed all of the artistry and craft that lay between the notes of each song. I understand that critics often CAN’T necessarily ponder the depths of certain music for long periods of time before writing about them — it is their job to get those reviews out as quickly as possible so there will still be enough people that want to read them, while the reviewed album is still relevant. Also, their purpose is to actually critique music, not just tell us what they love. Nevertheless, it still sometimes bothers me, and I wanted to start this blog to take my own stab at writing about music. But more so than critical reviewing, these are personal recommendations based on the music that inspires me.