We were staying in Paris…

The new Chainsmokers single is not as simple as you think it is


Featured image taken from The Chainsmoker’s “Paris” music video. Disruptor Records/Columbia Records (c) 2017.

With the exception of instrumental and orchestral music, most songs have the same structure, no matter what genre it is: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. Sometimes there are extra verses, pre-choruses, and post-choruses, but the general structure typically follows this routine pattern. EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers (often portrayed by the media as America’s favorite over-aged frat boys) follow this outline — as most artists do — but they seem to have developed their own formula ever since the success of their single, “Closer,” which has peaked at number 1 and spent 24 weeks overall on the Billboard Hot 100 as of today. Their newest single, “Paris,” utilizes this formula, but while previous singles “All We Know” and “Setting Fires” fell flat, this one works and has an abundance of potential success at radio.  Continue reading “We were staying in Paris…”